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About the Key Trust

This Registered Charity (number 217929) governs the former historic charities of William Key, Barton under Needwood Eleemosynary Charity, William Key (Dunstall Share) and Pinners Patch that were amalgamated under a new Trust Deed as the Barton under Needwood and Dunstall Key Trust (number 217929).

 Substantial professionally managed investments generate funds that together with land holdings, including allotment plots, let at commercial rents provide an annual income to award grants and meet the administration costs of the Trust. As required by the original bequest of William Key we pay the Minister of the Parish Church of St. James in Barton under Needwood the sum of ten shillings (50 pence) for the preaching of a Sermon on Good Friday.  We honour also the original terms of another of our constituent charities by paying 16% of our net income towards the upkeep and maintenance of the church at Barton under Needwood.