Annual Report 2011

Trustees Report for the year ending 31 December 2011

Aims and Purposes

The aims of the Barton under Needwood & Dunstall Key Trust (‘the Trust’) are to distribute the income derived from investments, including rent from land, in accordance with the Trust Deed, whilst maintaining adequate reserves in line with future planned commitments.

Objects and Activities

The objects of the Trust are to meet the needs of the residents in the area of benefit as laid down in the Trust Deed, including :
- contributing to the upkeep and maintenance of the Parish Church in Barton under Needwood;
- relief of persons who are in need, hardship or distress;
- for the general benefit in such charitable ways as the trustees think fit

Achievement and Performance


Following the resignation of Pauline Fisher, who has moved away, we were pleased to welcome Dr David Okoye whose knowledge of local residents and medical expertise will assist greatly when trustees consider grant applications. Rev. Andrew Ridley, new vicar of Barton & Dunstall and recently elected East Staffordshire Borough Councillor Jacqui Jones have joined our Board as trustees. Additionally we have appointed Alec Jones as a Special Adviser for our financial matters.

We are fortunate to have a Trustee board with a wide ranging knowledge of our community, commercial acumen and experience of managing charitable organisations. I thank them and our Clerk for their dedication to delivering the objectives of this Trust.

Finance & Investments

Aggregate Industries (AI), operators of a substantial pit in the parishes of both villages, are seeking to expand their operations and will be making application for the relevant consents in 2012.  The Trust has been approached by AI to manage a community fund based on a royalty per tonne extracted from the expanded pit.  After negotiations the Trust & AI have signed formal agreements that will become effective if and when extraction commences. These donations will be added to our investments providing us with valuable additional income to meet our objectives as set out in the Trust Deed.

Trustees have agreed to accept the assets of a small charity in Dunstall that is being wound up and a further two similarly small and moribund charities in Barton.  These funds are expected in 2012.

Administration costs have again been contained at a modest level representing just 8% of investment income.


During the year 10 grants have been awarded to individuals and 5 to local organisations totalling £11,453. We reviewed the list of recipients of Christmas vouchers to ensure all were valid and increased the value of vouchers issued to single people and couples by £10 to take account of the rising cost of living, bringing our distribution to £3,680. These together with £5,588 paid to St James’ Church represent 57% of our investment income for the year. We continue to receive a good variety of applications from community organisations and are ready to support more individuals particularly as other sources of grant aid are reducing.


Despite the relatively small area of benefit and tightness of our communities it is evident that many people & local organisations are unaware of how we might assist.  In addition to our poster and closely targeted advertising campaigns we have secured coverage of our activities in the local Press and are planning to continue this.   Additionally we are improving communication, particularly with younger people by establishing a Website showing examples of projects we have supported and enabling potential applicants to download our Terms & Conditions and our Application Form.  This is expected to go live early in 2012.

Public Benefit Requirement

The Trustees feel that the performance in the year demonstrates that the Trust continues to meet the Public Benefit criteria whilst complying with the Trust Deed.


Approved on behalf of the Trustees on 3 February 2012 and signed on their behalf by:
Adrian Wedgwood, Chairman