Annual Report 2017

Trustees Report for the year ending 31 December 2017

Aims and Purposes

The aims of the Barton under Needwood & Dunstall Key Trust (‘the Trust’) are to distribute the income derived from investments, including rent from land, in accordance with the Trust Deed , whilst maintaining adequate reserves in line with future planned commitments.

Objects and Activities

The objects of the Trust are to meet the needs of the residents in the area of benefit as laid down in the Trust Deed, including:
- contributing to the upkeep and maintenance of the Parish Church in Barton under Needwood,
- relief of persons who are in need, hardship or distress, and
- for the general benefit in such charitable ways as the trustees think fit.

Achievement and Performance

As reported in the last Trustees Report, Adrian Wedgwood was due to retire as chairman in October 17 and indeed he did. I was honoured to have the support of my fellow trustees and take on the role. I know other Trustees will want to join me in recording our sincere thanks to Adrian for his excellent stewardship over many years. I am delighted to report that Adrian remains as a Trustee and I am personally grateful for his advice, help and ongoing involvement.

On a different note we were all saddened at the death of a long standing trustee, Arthur Kennedy. Arthur had an enormous, useful in-depth knowledge of the Trust and the people of our community and is sadly missed. We are all grateful for his many years of his dedication and hardwork on behalf of the Trust.

With our Trustees wide ranging knowledge of our community, commercial acumen and experience of managing charitable organisations we are well placed to continue the development and successful operation of the Trust. I thank my fellow trustees and our Clerk, Miriam Firth for their support. Without their dedication and hard work to thisTrust it would not be such a successful contributor to the community and residents in Barton & Dunstall.

Finance & Investments

We remain content with the service and performance of Investec, our investment managers, but will continue reviewing their appointment to ensure that the trust is well served. Our allotments continue to be well occupied. Aggregate Industries are providing regular royalty payments into the capital of the Trust through the Community Fund Agreement and this is now providing additional income to the Trust for investment to support local beneficiaries as defined by our Trust Deed.

Total administration costs were 3.8% (2016 4.8%) of net investment income (excluding Investec management fees).

 During the year it was decided that preparing the accounts on an accruals basis would give a more accurate presentation of the financial performance of the charity for each year. Therefore the 2017 accounts include provisions for income and costs that relate to the year but were not received or paid until after the end of the year. The effect of the change in policy resulted in an increase in income of £15,201, an increase of grants payable of £9,074 and overheads £783.


During the year grants totalling £25,062 were made to individuals and organisations with a further £9,072 pledged. Our Christmas voucher distribution cost £3,634. These and £9,642 payable to St James’ Church represent 50.5% of our net investment income received during the year.

During the year we supported diverse projects including St James Church with the restoration of the clock face and St Mary’s Church with their clock regulator (so no excuses for lateness anywhere in our area, helped with publishing the excellent ‘We Remember the Barton Men1914-1918’ project, supported the Lions with their Christmas party for some of our older citizens, helped Holland Sports Club with a play area for toddlers and helped quite a few young people with their ambitious self-development challenges.

We continue to receive a good variety of applications from individuals, particularly from youngsters looking to develop their personal skills and we will continue to encourage them to apply for our assistance. Many community organisations have had the benefit of our support for projects that have been well received and would not be possible without our support. We are ready to support more applications from similar worthwhile projects.


Working alongside project groups to provide facilities for the benefit of members of our community is ongoing and an important aspect of widening the local knowledge of ourwork. Encouraging young people with extra-curricular activities is a significant objective for the Trust. The Barton & Dunstall Key Trust Award for Leadership at John Taylor High School is very well received, attracting outstanding candidates and considerable positive publicity for the Trust

Our website,, is continuously updated showing details of the latest grants and news items. Potential applicants can download our Terms & Conditions and our Application Form.

 We continue promoting the Trust by distributing promotional posters and taking free or low cost closely targeted advertisements in local magazines and guides as well as requiring sponsored projects to promote the Trust in their literature and by plaques on buildings. We continue to be grateful for our regular spot in the Barton Chime enabling us to promote our work and give examples of grants awarded. Our dedicated noticeboard in Barton Library is also a good promotional spot. We will continue to look for other avenues for us to promote our services for the benefit of our local community.

Public Benefit Requirement

The Trustees feel that the performance in the year demonstrates that the Trust continues to meet the Public Benefit criteria whilst complying with the Trust Deed.


Approved on behalf of the Trustees on 11th May 2018 and signed on their behalf by:
Mrs J Jones, Chairman