Charitable Trust Appoints New Chairman

December 2017

Jacqui Jones, a retired practice manager at a busy legal firm, a Barton resident of twelve years standing and an East Staffordshire Borough Councillor has been elected to head up the Barton and Dunstall Key Trust, the community's leading source of grants for residents in need and major projects for village organisations.

A past chairman of Relate in Burton together with involvement with other charities and as a trustee of the Key Trust for the last seven years, plus her knowledge of our communities gained representing residents on the Borough Council make Jacqui an excellent and well qualified chairman of the Trust.

Spare time spent pottering in her garden,  spending time with her family, going to the theatre especially the RSC in Stratford and visiting our lovely local cinema makes for a busy life.

Jacqui commented 'I’m delighted  and honoured to be taking over as Chairman of the Barton under Needwood and Dunstall Key Trust that's well funded and I will ensure that it continues to be well managed and complies with all the requirements of the Charity Commission'.

'With the help and support of all our Trustees and our Clerk I'll be working  to   ensure all residents are aware of the work the Trust can do. We want to reach out through to  as many of the local residents as possible who will benefit from our help, be that in case of  hardship, to help youngsters with their personal development and to help  local organisations who work so hard for the benefit of us all in this community'

Key Trust Grant Supports Remembrance of Barton and Dunstall World War 1 Casualties

November 2017

Barton War Memorial Group, formed to research the history of the 39 men of Barton & seven from Dunstall who died serving during and in the years immediately after WW1, is set to publish an attractive, informative book and launch a Website thanks to a £4,000 grant from the Barton & Dunstall Key Trust.

We Remember the Men of Barton & Dunstall 1914 - 1918 book and associated Website will follow much appreciated displays of the Group's material in the Parish Church, Barton Library & John Taylor High School.  It will make an important part of our community's history available for family history researchers, young people particularly in the 2018 WW1 Centenary year, and the families of those who died fighting for their Country.

Extensive detailed research undertaken by the team led by Jill Rogers, who initiated the project, that includes Lesley & Bob Grewer, Rosemary & Duncan Fergusson and Foster Rogers will be in the well illustrated book recording fascinating stories of the men, their families and a little about their lives.

When published early next year copies will be given to each of the families involved and deposited at Barton and other local libraries, our schools, the National Memorial Arboretum, local museums and the County Records Office.

Publicity will then announce its sale at H&H Spalding's bookshop in Barton proceeds from which will be used for the on-going costs of maintaining the Website. More information is available from Jill Rogers on Burton 712809 and   

Local Traders Support Key Trust's Christmas Voucher Scheme

October 2017

Shops, pubs and service providers in Barton are set to back Barton & Dunstall Key Trust's annual distribution of gift vouchers to villagers in need at Christmas following last year's outstanding success of the scheme that's been running for many years.   Adrian Wedgwood, the Trust's chairman, said  'Following approaches from Miriam Firth, our dedicated Clerk, many more shops and businesses in Barton agreed to accept our Christmas gift vouchers that are given to those Barton  residents who qualify and can be exchanged for goods and services'.

'We're very grateful to Midlands Cooperative and the dozen other businesses that accepted our vouchers last year, subsequently billing us for the goods and services supplied, and hope that they will continue doing so this year as well as encouraging others , particularly at Barton Marina' he added.   Barton residents who are suffering from long-term illnesses, severe disabilities, financial and other substantial hardships, possibly including bereavement, may be eligible on a short or long-term basis for the Christmas gift voucher scheme.

The Barton vouchers are usually distributed early in December and are valid until the end of the following January.  In Dunstall a similar arrangement  is operated by its Parish Council.   The Trust is aware of existing beneficiaries in Barton  and reviews this each year - but there may be other people of whom we are not aware.  

Anyone who knows of a potential addition to our Christmas voucher recipients should contact Miriam Firth, our clerk at 01283 712851, so that she can arrange an application form  that must then be sponsored by one of  our Trustees.   Miriam will also be pleased to hear from any  Barton business that will be pleased to accept vouchers this year.   Miriam Firth said  'The Christmas voucher scheme is a separate arrangement from our major and personal grants scheme the details of which, together with information on the Trust, can be found at  and at Barton Library'.

Leadership Award Winners Recognised at John Taylor High School

July 2017

William Gray is the 2017 winner of the Barton & Dunstall Key Trust’s annual award for Leadership at  John Taylor High School and received the £250 award at a recent glittering Presentation Evening at which the school’s outstanding students received their annual awards.  This year, now that the school has six Houses,  the Trust also awarded £150 to runner-up Alexander Wakefield.

Recognising the best of the school’s six House Leaders the Barton & Dunstall Key Trust Award for Leadership was presented to William, Marchington House Leader, who received the Key Trust’s Leadership Award perpetual trophy, together with a cheque for £250, & his name has been inscribed on the Trust's Honours Board  displayed at the school for students, parents, staff & visitors to see.

William, who is set to read Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Bristol University has demonstrated his leadership skills and maturity by sharing ideas through assemblies whilst acting as a role model for younger students to look up to and aspire to replicate. Planning a career as a pilot he has already achieved his private pilot's licence, climbed to the rank of Corporal in the RAF Air Training Corps and plays for two clubs in the Derbyshire Squash league.

Runner-up Alexander Wakefield, Rosliston House leader, who received £150,  has an offer to read Architecture at Cambridge and aspires to influence society for the better whilst pursuing creative endeavour. Particularly interested in politics and with a passion for art this voracious reader and Fabian Society member plays the guitar and piano in the school orchestra.

Mike Donoghue, Principal of John Taylor High School, said "William is a worthy winner of the Barton & Dunstall Key Trust Award for Leadership recognising the critical role our House Leaders play in the vibrancy of the school and encouraging others to strive for excellence in this key attribute for their personal development".  

Rounders England Outstanding Player Backed by Trust

June 2017

Fifteen year-old Frankie George, acclaimed by her England Rounders coach as an 'Excellent role model for less experienced players who learn from both her work rate and totally committed approach' has been awarded a £350 grant to help with travelling costs to this year's England Rounders events and International Festivals.

Selected again to play Rounders for England, this John Taylor High School student is a key player in last year's unbeaten Rounders England under 16 Elite team. 'Frankie is an outstanding batter, scoring consistently in every game. Her fielding is equally impressive, she has a safe pair of hands with a long and accurate throw' commented Sue Manson, England coach.

Passionate about playing for her Country Frankie, from Church Road Barton said 'I'm hoping to have a career in sport and am very grateful to the Key Trust for their £350 grant to help with my travelling costs to coaching and events across Britain'.

Time Flies Again at Barton's Parish Church Thanks to Key Trust's £10,000 Grant

May 2017

For nearly five centuries St James' Parish Church has stood as the beating heart of the historic, thriving, village of Barton under Needwood and its clock has marked the passage of time for over 120 years, chiming on the hour and every quarter. Now, thanks largely to a £10,000 grant from the Barton & Dunstall Key Trust the clock's faded faces are being restored and residents will again be able to look up and see the time.

Originally installed by Smith's of Derby in 1895 the present clock has dials on the North, South & East faces of the church tower. Reminding villagers and visitors that 'Tempus Fugit', or time flies, the painted clock faces,  hands and numerals had faded making it difficult to see the actual time. As an admonition against sloth & procrastination the Latin motto is most splendidly adapted at Hertfordshire's Furneaux Pelham church clock to read 'Time Flies - Mind Your Business' with a running figure of Father Time.

Rather than swathing the church tower with scaffolding Smiths of Derby have used rope access to repaint the faces and re-gild the Roman numerals, outer ring and hands with double thickness English gold leaf. Not only does time fly but so does the restorer!

Sue Gent, churchwarden, seen receiving the grant cheque from trustee Julie Skinner, of the Barton & Dunstall Key Trust said 'We've been talking about doing this for years and now, thanks to the Key Trust, everyone in our community will be able to clearly read the time again in Barton'.

'Stands the Clock at Ten to Three?' Not Any More at Dunstall

March 2017

Rupert Brooke's line in his famous poem might have been true at Dunstall until the Barton & Dunstall Key Trust's £1,500 grant helped fund the fitting of a clock regulator keeping  the village's prominent timepiece telling the correct time and dealing with Spring & Autumn hour changes.

Maintained by Dunstall Parochial Church Council, St Mary's church clock tells the time right across the delightfully rural and tranquil village. Electrified some years ago by Smith's of Derby so that weekly journeys up the tower for winding were no longer needed  the clock has still required regular adjustment to keep correct time. The newly fitted  electric regulator now automatically makes minor adjustments ensuring that the clock is telling the correct time.

St Mary's Dunstall churchwarden Mick Perkins said 'Access to the clock mechanism is very awkward and with an ageing congregation it was becoming impossible to deal with adjustments so we are extremely grateful to the Key Trust for their £1,500 grant that's solved this problem'. 'And is there honey still for tea?'  Indeed there will be at Dunstall's popular summer teas in the church hall'! he added.  

Trust's £500 Grant Helps Barton Firefighter Realise an Ambition & Keep Fit for Challenging Job

March 2017

Retained Barton fire-fighter Anthony Doolan keeps fit for his job by taking part in Obstacle Races across Britain after being excited by the challenging sport at a Catton Estate fun event.  Having completed a couple of Marathons he found Obstacle Racing more challenging, interesting and less monotonous than running and started entering for races to help raise funds for various charities.

With 60 races to his name, he was astounded to discover last year that his successes qualified him for the UK Championships and then for the World Championships in Canada.

As a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to realise a personal development ambition Anthony set about raising £3,500 to meet the cost of participating in the Men's aged 25 - 29 competition last October at  Blue Mountain, Ontario, that attracted entries from all over the World.

'I was in shock at the prospect of competing in the World Championships. The 15 kilometre course loaded with compulsory obstacles, including ski slopes to run up and down, was daunting and took me over four gruelling hours and was the pinnacle of my ambitions' said Anthony.

'My challenging job means I must be fit to deal with emergencies and take a full part in the team often saving lives - my personal fitness through Obstacle Racing could make the difference between life and death so I'm extremely grateful to the Barton & Dunstall Key Trust for their £500 grant' added Anthony who moved from Darlaston to Barton for his job.

Anthony is currently running 750 miles across 17 different challenges to raise funds for When You Wish Upon a Star, the Nottingham based charity, that takes children with limited life expectancy on dream trips and took his stepson to see Santa in Lapland.

Trust's £3000 Grant Helps Encourage 'Singing for Fun' in our Community

March 2017

Barton Music Makers, the popular community chorus founded in July 2014 that meets regularly in Barton Village Hall needed a musical instrument that can be played as a piano, organ, harpsicord and more to accompany them during their rehearsals and concerts.

Membership is open to all, regardless of ability. With over 120 members and growing, of all ages, the overwhelming majority of whom are from Barton, this popular group also performs at local concerts and events. Its sources of funding are limited largely to members low cost subscriptions designed only to cover running costs.

Since starting Barton Music Makers has used the Village Hall's ageing electric piano that is prone to breakdown and, as the Chorus grows in confidence and ability, is proving unsuitable particularly for public events.

Now, thanks to a £3,000 grant from the Barton & Dunstall Key Trust the community chorus has a new Yamaha Clavinola, stool and 'dollies' so that the heavy & delicate instrument can be moved safely into storage at the Village Hall where it is also available for use by other appropriate organisations and individuals.  Trustee Jacqui Jones is pictured presenting the funds to Tim Hornblow & Stephen Taylor.

The new instrument's first public performance was to a capacity crowd at the Christmas Concert.

Trust's Small Grant Helps Promote Golden Oldies Monthly Sessions in Barton

January 2017

Monthly fun, singing and socialising sessions for isolated and vulnerable people living alone in the community run by the nation-wide Golden Oldies charity are being supported by a £392 grant to help promote, develop and sustain the group that presently attracts eleven regulars.

Meeting on the first Monday of the month at Barton's Methodist Church the group sings popular songs from the 50's onwards that are followed by tea and a chat.  Some present have poor sight and limited mobility. A free 'door to door' transport service is offered to those unable to get to sessions and the Trust's grant will include covering the cost of promotional fliers to reach out to residents of Barton and Dunstall who would enjoy the monthly fun and social sessions.

Anna Everett, the Barton 'Goldies' session leader, said 'Many of our group find it difficult to get involved with the wider community and I've seen new connections being made and friendships developing that are enormously beneficial, particularly for people who live alone'.