Supporting the village retail, hospitality, services, trades, clubs and societies as Covid19 restrictions are lifted.

Message from the Key Trust

A Message from the Key Trust

The Covid19 pandemic has affected all of our lives. Everyone in the village will sadly know of a life lost, of enforced isolation or reduced social contact, job loss, financial pressures, closed shops and more.

As we begin to see the lifting of the various restrictions that have interrupted our normal lifestyle, I am sure we all can remember what life in Barton was like before Covid.

We did not live in a village with few or no shops, no Post Office, no pubs, no library as many people elsewhere now do. Instead we enjoyed an extensive range of facilities and services.

The Trustees of the Key Trust have embarked on the “SUPPORT BARTON” campaign in the hope that all of us will give thought to actively supporting both the commercial and social wellbeing of the village and that as restrictions continue to ease, Barton will emerge even more strongly as a very special place to live.

SUPPORT BARTON Village Economy

The pandemic has affected all areas of the village economy whether retail, service, hospitality or trades.Most of those affected businesses are owned, managed or staffed by local people and have contributed to a thriving local economy before Covid struck.

When you can, please think about supporting this vital aspect of village life. Most retail, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and some services are easy to find, but some services and most trades operate from a business or home address. If you need to find one, many advertise in The Barton Chime, Local Links or the Burton Mail or in local shop windows. Friends or neighbours may also be able to make a recommendation. .

Support Barton - Village Economy

Support Barton - Social Activity

SUPPORT BARTON Social Activity

In 2016 as part of the ”Village Live” initiative, the Parish Council issued an information booklet which listed no fewer than 70 organisations which catered for all ages and interests, reflecting a vibrant social scene.

If you would like to join one, perhaps for the first time, finding out what is available and how to make contact can be a problem.

Village media, notice boards, the library and shop windows carry information from many of the clubs. For details of activities in the Village Hall contact the Booking Clerk. Sporting activities are mostly catered for at Holland Sports Club, Barton Bowls Club and Dunstall Cricket Club.

“Barton Live” may be held again later this year when you would have an opportunity to see what is on offer and talk to members whose interests coincide with yours.

We have all missed human interaction so when appropriate do give some thought to resuming your previous activities and perhaps even taking up a new interest. .