Annual Report 2010

Trustees Report for the year ending 31 December 2010

Aims and Purposes

The aims of the Barton under Needwood & Dunstall Key Trust (‘the Trust’) are to distribute the income derived from investments, including rent from land, in accordance with the Trust Deed , whilst maintaining adequate reserves in line with future planned commitments.

Objects and Activities

The objects of the Trust are to meet the needs of the residents in the area of benefit as laid down in the Trust Deed, including:
- contributing to the upkeep and maintenance of the Parish Church in Barton under Needwood;
- relief of persons who are in need, hardship or distress;
- for the general benefit in such charitable ways as the trustees think fit

Achievement and Performance


To maximise the potential of the land assets, the Trustees accompanied by our commercial property agent, have walked our land holdings to establish any potential issues.  Following this and with the prospect of further development in Barton we have taken professional advice, including Counsel’s opinion, and confirmed access rights to one of our landlocked properties. A similar process is in progress at another site. Rents we charge tenants have been reviewed and confirmed as market value.

Finance & Investments

Now responsible for generating an agreed income from all our investments, our new Investment Manager is performing well and we have clarity of the competitive fees charged for this service.  An annual review, presented by their Investment Director at a Trustees meeting, enabled the charity to establish financial targets for the year ahead.

A financial reporting system has been introduced which provides the trustees with an annual budget and periodic forecasts to enable the Trust to maintain control over the administration costs and maximise the grants available to applicants.

Administration costs have been contained at a modest level representing just 5.6% of investment income.


Terms and Conditions for the awarding of grants, established when the Trust was set up in 2007, have been reviewed and guidelines established to clarify some terms and reduce the risk of unsustainable precedents.

During the year 9 grants have been awarded to individuals and 8 to local organisations totalling £17,910. Additionally £3,930 was distributed in Christmas vouchers. These together with £4,717 paid to St James’ Church represent 85% of our investment income for the year. The substantially increased number & variety of applications reflects growing awareness of the Trust in our communities.


Raising awareness and visibility of the Trust in our communities is a key objective aimed at attracting applications for grants and distributing our income to a wide range of individuals & organisations in our area of benefit.  In particular we have sought to increase our support of young people.

Marketing initiatives have included design of a promotional plaque for use when we award grants for building projects; a regular advertisement in the Parish magazine circulated to 750 households; production & display of eye-catching posters and a prominent advertisement in The Bartonbiz, a 20,000 print run map & guide to amenities in the Barton area.

Public Benefit

Requirement The Trustees feel that the performance in the year demonstrates that the Trust continues to meet the Public Benefit criteria whilst complying with the Trust Deed.


During the year Rev. Prebendary Tony Wood, retired as vicar of Barton under Needwood and Dunstall and as a trustee & chairman of the Trust. His long & valuable service to the Trust and its predecessors extending to some 34 years was recognised at numerous presentation ceremonies within the community.

We are fortunate to have a Trustee board with a wide ranging knowledge of our community, commercial acumen and experience of managing charitable organisations.  I thank them and our Clerk for their dedication to delivering the objectives of this Trust.


Approved on behalf of the Trustees on 28 February 2011 and signed on their behalf by:
Adrian Wedgwood, Chairman